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Stefan established regular Zouk classes since 2014 and hence laid the foundation for the current Zouk scene of Jena. Having his roots in combat sport, capoeira and various dances, Stefan readily developed his own style in Zouk, which he combines with a high level of musicality and creativity.


Franzi is dancing Zouk since 2014 and started to teach together with Stefan since 2015. Beside Zouk she has been dancing Oriental Dance since 2009. The smooth as well as accentuated elements of this dance became part of her own Zouk style. With this background Franzi is the reference person for body isolations, styling and posture.

Both teachers continuously improve their technical skills and further develop their style by visiting large dance congresses, smaller weekend workshops, and taking private lessons. Through their engagement a Zouk community could be created in Jena, which constantly grows in numbers and skills.

Additionally, workshops with international dance stars (William Teixeira, Freddy & Andressa, Thayná & Léo, or Lucia Kubasova) take place in Jena on a regular basis. These events, the “Zouk Weekend Jena“, are organized by Stefan & Franzi and their team.