Head movement intensive – Solo technique

Head movement intensive - Solo technique




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Tanzhaus Jena
Camsdorfer Ufer 17, Jena


Head movements are a key element of modern dances and when done correctly they feel and look absolutely beautiful! Zouk Jena invites you to work together on your head movement technique and safe execution of the stunning head rolls, flicks and tilts.

This workshop is designed for everyone who wants to:

  • Learn head movements for the first time
  • Deepen and train their head movement technique
  • Upgrade their leading skills by understanding head movement mechanics in their own body

The content will be:

  • Head movement projection technique
  • Preparing your body
  • Chest mobility, frame and lower back strength
  • Airplane vs. tilted turns or „the 4 types of head movements“
  • Breathing and flow

No prior Zouk knowledge is required. Snacks and coffee will be provided. Please bring a yoga mat and an empty 0,5-1 liter PET bottle 🙂

Date: 30.10.2023

Time: 14:30 – 18:00 (3 h Training + 30 min Break)

Where: Tanzhaus Jena, Camsdorfer Ufer 17

Book your spot below! (Payment: cash at the workshop)

Price: 25 €

Name and email address is required for the registration, the phone number is not necessary.

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